Bolshoi Theater to stop Metro in Moscow.

Oct 11, 2011 Posted Under: News, Theater

Movement of trains on the line “Zamoskvoretskaya” stops because of the installation of vibro-protective screens in November.

In order to install protection against vibration, which damages the underground concert hall of the Bolshoi Theater, the communication between the stations “Teatralnaya” and “Tverskaya” will be stopped, according to the department of transportation.

- To conduct construction work on vibration-protective ways at the site of the metro station “Teatralnaya” and station “Tverskaya” of the line “Zamoskvoretskaya” of Moscow metro, the trains on these lines are suspended during the periods from November, 19 2011 to November 20, 2011 and from November, 26 2011 to November 27, 2011, – said the representative of the department.

As already mentioned by “Izvestia”, earlier it was told in the Metro press-service that the site between the stations “Novokuznetskaya” and “Belarusskaya” is planned to be closed, and a special bus route for passengers will be launched.

Moreover, it was stated that this option is being considered as one of the possible ones.

However, the representatives of Metro press-service refused to talk about the exact dates and details at the moment, having promised to provide more precise information later.

Recall that from February, 5 to December 2011, the station “Park Kultury” of metro ring line was closed for repairs.

In addition in December this year, three more stations in the south of Lublin-Dmitrov line: “Borisovo”, “Zyablikovo” and “Shipilovskaya” must be put into operation.

Reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, held since 2005, was made for the theater to obtain back-stage, designed for mounting and quick change of sceneries.

In addition to the historic lobby, more hallways and coffee shops, the Bolshoi Theatre will get an underground storage, designed for 4-5 coming performances.

The area of the theater will be doubled – up to 80 thousand square meters. The audience will watch the first performance after the completion of reconstruction on October 28 this year.

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